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Top Real Estate/ Realtor SEO Strategies to Get More Leads

With the advent of technology, most of the buyers these days use the internet when house hunting. As a matter of fact, people go directly online when looking for homes and finding realtors. Such valuable traffic provides the Realtor with a lot of opportunities online. For those who are in this business, you can’t ignore the importance of real estate SEO (search engine optimization).

As you set up your website intended for real estate marketing purposes, always include SEO best practices in order to capture more traffic and leads.
Consider the following top real estate SEO strategies:

Write a blog post on properties that you are especially keen to sell

A real estate agent may represent hundreds of listings at a time. But there are some instances that the realtor is keen to sell some specific key properties. One great way to get mSEO Realtorore real estate leads and traffic to your site for such properties is to write a blog post. It is highly recommended that these blog posts should target a specific property’s address as it is one of the things that potential home buyers are looking for as they search it on Google.

Then, the address can be used as the keyword. Also try to follow SEO best practices such as putting the keyword in meta description, title tag, ALT tag on photos, file name on photos, and the content.

With regards to the content, write a unique 200-word content that best describes the home’s features. Also, do not worry about duplicate content as Google already expects to see those descriptions of homes appear across the web and you will not be penalized for it.

Make use of photos and videos

For a real estate marketing site, photos and videos are considered as key engagement objects. Remember that home buyers love seeing a video tour or photos of their prospective new homes. You can also include testimonials on video, too. There were a number studies which have shown that adding a video to a page triples the amount of inbound link.

Go mobile

Today, we can’t ignore the use of mobile devices when accessing online content. Thus, make your site mobile-friendly as it is the case with real estate as well. According to the Digital House Hunt, 89% of new home shoppers are searching using a mobile device during the home buying process, while there’s a 300% growth on real estate broker-related searches using tablets year over year.

With these, it is highly recommended to use a respoRealtor SEOnsive design for your website as it is Google’s preferred mobile configuration.

Submit on essential directories

There’s a lot of potential traffic that you can get from real estate agent directories. Some of the highly trafficked directories available to realtors include Trulia, Zillow, RedFin, and Thus, get listed in these top real estate directories. One of the great steps on how to get more real estate leads.

Include social media

Social media is an important way to start or maintain client relationships. Some of the top social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and/or Instagram. In real estate business, those with an active social media presence enable them to interact with clients easily.

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